3 books that can multiply your sales, boost your career and improve your relationships.

And how an elite group of genius marketers used these proven methods to sell billions worth of product since decades.

You know, I never was much of writer. But recently I stumbled about a mostly forgotten body of knowledge that got me really excited about writing.

I long had the feeling that copy is the most overlooked part in any design or marketing effort. But I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I just knew it was missing a system. A craft, if you know what I mean. It's what most people have for all the other aspects of their business, except copywriting (and crafting a marketing message in general).

  • What if you could have a key to writing copy that REALLY gets our point across and make people (who can benefit from our product) drool about what we're selling just by reading our copy?
  • How about being able to paint mental movies in their heads which seduce them into buying?
  • What if you could learn all the psychological hot buttons to get into our customers heads and turn boring copy into an thrilling ride that naturally leads to a sale?

Sounds like magic you say? I thought so too …

But then I discovered how an elite group of famous copywriters have been perfecting their systems and methods since the 1920's. They sold (and still are selling) billions of dollar worth of product just by writing sales letters to carefully selected lists of prospects and getting them to respond exactly the way they wanted. And since they love writing, they also wrote a lot of books as it turned out. So I started to dig in …

In the past 3 months I devoured every book, youtube video and study note I could find on the topic of direct response marketing and copywriting. I felt like tapping into a secret world full of nuggets of gold. Buckets full of marketing wisdom poured out of every book. Hands-on frameworks. Mental moves and easy to follow steps to crafting an irresistible sales message.

And now you can have it too …

Let me show you some of my favourite books, their authors and what you will get out of it (This list of books that can literally make you a millionaire if you follow the advice given).

Ogilvy On Advertising

By David Ogilvy

"Advertising is not an art form, it’s a medium for information, a message for a single purpose: to sell!"

David Ogilvy is the legendary advertising man whose tested and proven marketing methods and wisdom still work today. He founded his mega successful advertising company "Ogilvy & Maher" in 1948. This is one of his famous quotes:

In his book he shares invaluable inside knowledge about running one of the most elite ad agencies and Campaigns in the history of mankind. For example …

  • How to write successful copy - and get people to read it
  • The six giants who created modern advertising
  • How to create advertising that sells the product
  • Sex in advertising
  • Twelve TV commercials that work and four that don't
  • The future of advertising

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By Drew Eric Whitman (a.k.a "Dr. Direct")

"I arm you with techniques that can help make your competition virtually disappear"

Drew Eric Whitman has been a teacher of consumer psychology and direct response for over 23 years. He was a senior copywriter for the largest direct to consumer insurance company and worked on campaigns for organisations like Texaco, Amoco and American Legion. He's now showing businesspeople like you how to boost their sales by understanding the underlying psychology. This includes …

  • How to create powerful ads, brochures, sales letter, Website and more
  • How to make people believe what you say
  • "Sneaky" ways to persuade people to respond
  • Effective tricks for writing "magnetic" headlines
  • What you should always/never do in your ads

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Magic Words

By Ted Nicholas

The single most important activity of your life is your ability to communicate. Unlimited success and wealth is as simple as using the right words as revealed herein. These words work as if by magic!

Ted Nicholas is one of the highest paid speakers and writers in the world. He makes as much as $500.000 from one 1,000 word ad. In this book he reveals the exact words that have been proven to work in practically every situation. These words, according to him, will work for you too. Some of the things he teaches are super powerful. For example …

  • 2 Magic words which will always get you the best table in any restaurant
  • 7 magic words which will bring you job offers no matter if the market's up or down
  • 9 magic words which provide unlimited money for your business ventures
  • Discover the exact words that can earn you millions from your own advertisement or letters
  • 27 magic words that will empower you to sell anything to anyone

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Don't have the time to read those books?

I have spent weeks creating study notes of the most interesting and promising concepts. I took and boiled them down to a simple yet highly condensed marketing & copywriting blueprint. This includes:

  • How to use psychological principles to get into your customers heads
  • How validate a hot market and pick a high converting list of prospects
  • The difference between features & benefits (This will make a huge difference if you don't know it yet)
  • How to write bullets which act as satisfying mini stories. Packed with a one-two punch of shock and delight
  • How to craft an irresistible offer that demolishes you competition
  • How to get KICK-ASS testimonials to boost social proof (and what to avoid)
  • How to write attention grabbing hooks and headlines (The headline alone can mean +600% conversions)
  • More than 700 MAGIC WORDS which give your copy sales superpowers
  • How to develop A persuading voice and story
  • How write a KILLER ad or sales letter by following a simple step-by-step FORMULA

Just sign-up to my mailing list below and you'll be the first to get it once I'm finished. I'm just giving it the final touches.

P.S.: If you read the entire post and found it valuable, it's probably because I employed some of the techniques that I've learned from these books. I'm far from being a great copywriter but just reading those books made me at least 10x better.

See, just having clear, step-by-step instructions and proven principles at your fingertips will guide you through the process. So stay tuned and sign-up to my mailing list to discover these magical skills as soon as the eBook is available.

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