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I build, advise and invest in companies with a focus on great user experience.

Elegant solutions to complex problems aren't easy. But they make all the difference. They help us achieve what we want, they save us time and make us feel good about ourselves. They make our lives better and inspire us. In the end, we're all human and love to be delighted by the products and services we use.

But great design means nothing if we can't provide actual value and also convey to our customers that we have a better solution. Most people don't know they need a product until they try.

That's why I'm especially interested in marrying all the different aspects of a great product into one cohesive experience.

This includes communicating the benefits to our prospects. We have to persuade them to try out the product (if they actually can benefit from it). This part is often neglected, mainly because the proven methods that have been developed by marketing geniuses since the 1920 have been forgotten and even most marketing agencies have no idea what the hell they are doing.

I believe that copy is PART OF the design and NOT separate.  Learning and applying the principles of effective sales messages is crucial to create a high converting sales message for anything.



Healthcare is the embodiment of complexity and getting to design a better solution is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As a co-founder and head of design I'm proud to have helped build the first fully digital German health insurance company that makes peoples lives easier instead of harder.


When we founded Wunderlist we wanted to change the way project management was being done. Wunderlist was meant as a teaser of a much bigger solution: Wunderkit. People however loved Wunderlist and it's simplicity so much that it ended up being our main product. We decided to focus all our efforts on making it better and stopped working on Wunderkit. Wunderlist was finally acquired by Microsoft in 2015.
Sebastian Scheerer
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